Provisional Schedule for Workshop on Transcendental Materialism

Below is the provisional schedule for our first event taking place next month at Loyola University Maryland. The event is FREE and we encourage anyone who is able to come join us, as there will be a lot of space for dialouge and interaction. Please contact us if you have any questions about attendance/travel/etc.




1:00-2:45 Materialism, Neurobiology and Psychoanalysis in the work of Catherine Malabou

Rick Elmore (Appalachian State University): ‘Malabou: Ontological Reductionism and the Political Possibilities of Flat Ontologies’

Thomas Wormald (University of Western Ontario): ‘Plasticity, Habit and Sculpting: The Question of a Malabouian Politics’

Cristóbal Durán (University Andrés Bello, Chile): ‘A Materialist Indifference: Immanence of Detachment on Catherine Malabou’

3:00-4:00 Phenomenology, Materialism, and Neuroscience

Mauro Senatore (Instituto de Humanidades, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile): ‘From Phenomenology to Dialectical Materialism. The Case of Tran Duc Thao’

David Pena (Emory University): ‘Phenomenology and Neuroscience in Pieces: A Speculative Reductionist Manifesto’

4:30-5:30 Matter in the History of Philosophy

Chris Noble (Villanova University): ‘Leibniz’s Critical Appropriation of Hobbesian Materialism’

Benjamin Norris (The New School for Social Research): ‘And a Cold Shiver Ran Down His Spine: Jacobi, Transcendental Materialism and the Accusation of Nihilism’

5:45pm Ed Pluth (CSU-Chico) Must a Materialism be a Naturalism?



 11:00-12:00 Marx, Engels, and Transcendental Materialism

Reid Kotlas (Independent): ‘Materialism: Transcendental or Practical?’

Bradley Ramos (DePaul University): ‘Towards a Twenty-First Century Recontextualization of Engelsian Dialectical Materialism: Transcendental Materialism and the Weak Overdetermination of Nature’

1:30-2:30 Psychoanalysis, Religion, and Transcendental Materialism

Thomas Lynch (University of Chichester, UK): ‘No Illusion: The Politics of Philosophy of Religion’

Davis Hankins (Appalachian State University): ‘Unlikely Bedfellows: Transcendental Materialism and Biblical Wisdom’

2:45-3:45 Transcendental Materialism and Hegelian Idealism

Timothy Hackett (Independent): ‘Transcendental Materialism and The Problem of Metaphysics: On Adrian Johnston’s Interpretation of Hegel’s Absolute Idealism’

Kirill Chepurin (HU Berlin/HSE Moscow): ‘The Ideal, the Real, and the Material: The (Non-)Human in the Spinozastreit and Beyond’

4:00pm Adrian Johnston (University of New Mexico) Confession of a Weak Reductionist: Responses to Some Recent Criticisms of My Materialism

5:30-6:15 Closing Roundtable


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